tarnished Spring feelings

Dear Huwibear friends

   Unfortunately at the moment the spring mood is certainly quite tarnished by everyone .. suddenly we have to realize that not everything is taken for granted, as one always thought … waking up to a somewhat healthy world in the morning… within seconds everything can change, and we are powerless and helpless. This feeling is responsible for my sadness, which many people certainly feel at the moment. Now it is all the more important that we support each other with a lot of love and help. I wish you all in this way: stay healthy, don’t lose heart. We an only  hope that it will soon return to normal, that we can breathe again and enjoy our life to the fullest. Please take care !!

       At this point I also have to announce, that our exhibition in Lyss will not take place this weekend due to the current situation. Unfortunately, it will only be available again next year. The exhibition in Sigriswil in August will hopefully !! occur. More details will follow … until then we must try to keep our heads up and stay healthy.

       Nevertheless, I am now trying to put all my energy into my beloved hobby. Because this hobby is balm for my soul. Due to that fact that I  now have plenty of time, because I had to cancel my English lessons too, that I teach. Newcomers …new born Huwibears will continuously appear on my homepage. Maybe the one or other wins your heart ? Below are the very first bears of the year: 


even a rabbit was born :         

Now I will say goodbye to all of you. My studio is calling me …. all the best to all of you, stay healthy and hopefully  we will see each other  soon.

                                 Corinne Locher and the Huwibears

Spring feelings


Dear Huwibear friends                                                                                  26 Februar 2020

There are times when we “forget” to tell others what they mean to us. Life is far too fragile to neglect many of the wonderful friends I have in my life. Today I want to thank each of you, for being a part of my life.

    I wish everyone a peaceful, prosperous, happy year 2020 …..with many moments of love and most of all the very best of health ….

For my part, I am  happily to designing newcomers, as our next exhibition is soon

      0n  27-29 March in the      Sieberhus in Lyss bei Biel
                                                     Freitag      17:00-21:00
                                                     Samstag    10:00-18:00
                                                     Sonntag    10:00-17:00
maybe we will meet there .. it would make me very happy. Below I will post  the first (free for adoption) bear of 2020. His name is Archie and he is still looking for his loving home
Here are also the latest newcomers









For now let me    say goodbye to all of you. My studio is calling me ….
          all the best and I hope to hear from you or see you soon

Corinne Locher and the Huwibears


Winter has arrived


Dear Huwibear Friends

It is cold outside and dark early at night, and the year is almost at its end. But is it not so? This season, also has wonderful aspects …. the fire in the Swedenofen burns, the candles are lit, the preparations for Christmas are in full swing, the scent of the cookies being baken, is in the air .. here and there you are increasingly inviting your friends and family , to a cozy fondue or otherwise to a fine meal .. I, definitely, enjoy this season very much, I love the coziness in the room and to work by candlelight … of course not only .. haha ​​.. because the seams of my bears would then be extremely crooked, if I sewed them only by candlelight… apropo. At the moment, we are preparing for our last exhibition of the year. In just a few days it starts! Our beautiful Christmas market in Huttwil … 5 days of pure joy! Our Christmas market, was nominated as the number 4 most beautiful market, in the canton of Bern. Believe me, it’s worth it to stop by, it’s a market with a lot of craftsmanship … just beautiful! and it has a wonderful framework program of music; Vocal or instrumental and much, much more. I and the Huwibears are honored to be part of it again. So that I can present you some newcomers there, I will go to my studio again … and let my soul dangle with great joy .. hope to see you soon .. I wish you a good time.

 In the next few days,  pictures will continuously be added here, of newcomers .. 






Sehr geehrte Huwibear Freunde

Es ist noch so schön und sommerlich warm,dennoch denken wir schon an unsere nächste Ausstellung im Herbst. Wir sind voll in den Vorbereitungen. Unsere Ausstellung soll schön und gemütlich sein und voller Neuigkeiten. Auch dieses Jahr gibt es auch wieder neue Künstler. Unsere Künstler stellen wunderschöne Kunstwerke aus,welche sie druchs Jahr kreiert haben. Der Eintritt ist kostenlos. Bei einer gemütlichen Tasse Kaffee oder Tee etc und einem Stück selbst gebackenen Kuchen (welche die Aussteller für Sie backen) geniessen wir die Zeit mit Ihnen. An unserer Ausstelleung haben wir Zeit, uns aus zu tauschen mit Ihnen, Fragen zu beantworten oder einfach um ein bischen zu plaudern.

Liebe Huwibear Freunde, nun möchte ich Sie alle herzlich einladen zu unserer Ausstellung. Ihr Besuch würde mich und alle anderen Aussteller sehr freuen.

Falls Sie Fragen oder spezielle Wünsche zu einem Bären Auftrag haben, wenden Sie sich jederzeit über das Kontaktformular an mich und ich werde mich so bald als möglich bei Ihnen melden. Oder rufen Sie mich an unter 0041/79 453 19 61.

herzliche Grüsse aus meinem Atelier

Corinne Locher Huwyler und die Huwibears

Dear Huwibear friends

It is still so beautiful and summery warm, but despite that we are already thinking of our next exhibition in the fall. We are fully in the preparations. Our exhibition will be nice and cozy and full of new creations. Again this year there will be new artists. Our artists exhibit beautiful works of art, which they have created over the past year. Admission is free. With a cozy cup of coffee or tea etc and a piece of home-baked cake (which the exhibitors bake for you) we can enjoy the time with you. At our show, we have time to exchange a few words with you, answer questions or just chat a bit.

Dear Huwibear friends, now I would like to cordially invite you all to our exhibition Your visit would make me and the other exhibitors very happy!

If you have questions or special requests for a bear order, please contact me via the contact form at any time and I will contact you as soon as possible.Or just call me 0041/ 79 453 19 61.

best regards from my studio

Corinne Locher Huwyler and the Huwibears

Spring feelins in the air

Dear Huwibears friends

It is glorious weather and spring feelings show up. The sun is shining, it’s just gorgeous. Soon it is time to put my studio outside and to enjoy the beautiful nature while working. I’m really looking forward to that ….

At the moment I am working on new creations for our beautiful exhibition in Sigriswil, which takes place on the 10th / 11th of August 2019. Some new bears  will be born in Spain, by the sea. As soon as newcomers are born, I will share them with you. Further information about our exhibition in Sigrsiwil can be found at www.sigriswiler-baerenfest.ch. 

For now I will say goodbye again, because my studio is calling. The most recent creations are continuously uploaded to my homepage, or you can visit them in a showcase at the Mövenpick Hotel in Egerkingen or in a showcase at the Sillernalp tal station.

If you have questions or special requests for a bear order, please contact me via the contact form at any time and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Best regards
Corinne Locher