Winter has arrived


Dear Huwibear Friends

It is cold outside and dark early at night, and the year is almost at its end. But is it not so? This season, also has wonderful aspects …. the fire in the Swedenofen burns, the candles are lit, the preparations for Christmas are in full swing, the scent of the cookies being baken, is in the air .. here and there you are increasingly inviting your friends and family , to a cozy fondue or otherwise to a fine meal .. I, definitely, enjoy this season very much, I love the coziness in the room and to work by candlelight … of course not only .. haha ​​.. because the seams of my bears would then be extremely crooked, if I sewed them only by candlelight… apropo. At the moment, we are preparing for our last exhibition of the year. In just a few days it starts! Our beautiful Christmas market in Huttwil … 5 days of pure joy! Our Christmas market, was nominated as the number 4 most beautiful market, in the canton of Bern. Believe me, it’s worth it to stop by, it’s a market with a lot of craftsmanship … just beautiful! and it has a wonderful framework program of music; Vocal or instrumental and much, much more. I and the Huwibears are honored to be part of it again. So that I can present you some newcomers there, I will go to my studio again … and let my soul dangle with great joy .. hope to see you soon .. I wish you a good time.

 In the next few days,  pictures will continuously be added here, of newcomers .. 





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