Dear Huwibear friends

All in all, my exhibition for this year is over, but the calendar for 2019 is already being filled with new dates for 2019 . The Christmas market in Huttwil was again wonderfull and  beautiful, with many beautiful encounters.  Some of my Huwibears found a loving home, thank you all! who gave them a home.

Outside a stormy gusty  wind is blowing , winter mood prevails, my hope is great that we will finally have a white Christmas again. This is the season when I enjoy the candlelight and the warmth of our Swedish oven  while designing new bears. But I have to be careful that I do not delve too much in my creative work, since it would actually be time to bake the Christmas cookies. Otherwise my family will not be very happy. But since this pre-Christmas time, as well as the Christmas time itself ,  is always very touching and beautiful for me , this will probably not happen ...

I wish you dear Huwibear friends a wonderful, happy, candlelit, contemplative Christmas season.


For now I must  say goodbye, because my studio is calling, at the moment I am working on my ordered bears , but before I leave, I will post some of the newcomers here , who were born in Oct and Nov. Ongoing they are now also available on the homepage. If you have questions or special requests for a bear order, please contact me via the contact form at any time and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Best regards
Corinne Locher

The year has just begun and changes have also  occurred  by Huwibears. From now on our appearance in the internet has been newly designed.I hope you will find your way around well ,and I would also like to invite you to leave comments,  just   have a look at the gallery and recommend onward.

Sincerely yours

Corinne & the HuwiBears