My story…..how did it all begin?…..Well its a long story. My enthusiasm to bears began in my childhood.
I had always loved this cuddable creature. But the coincidence of getting my childhood bear back after about 20 years stirred up so many emotions in me, that no one can take this love to bears away from me anymore.

It all began when my family and I had immigrated to the USA in 1965, after having lost my mother in early childhood. I was then 7 years old …most of our belongings came along with us but not my beloved bear for some reason. It had been given to my cousins in France for what reason no one knows.

Well in 1976 I came back to Switzerland on my own. Visiting an Aunt of mine in France , we began talking about the past, when she suddenly mentioned that my bear was still around somewhere. At this point I set my mind on getting him back and as quickly as possible …believe me!!! If he was still exists after all these years I must have him back.

And I found him. Today he is sitting happily among my bears in my little workshop.

HuwiBears getting ready for a trip to an exhibitionIn 1981 I was pregnant with my daughter and at that point still working in the hospital ..when one day my eye caught the glance of a cute little bear sitting at a Kiosk in the hospital where I worked .. I knew this one I must have for my little baby. I felt my baby must have a bear to hug too.

Then one year I feltlike trying to make a bear myself. My first bear was one from a well known firm. It was more then easy to make, all I needed to do was stuff it …but I wanted more so I bought a pattern and began sewing and changing it. But I still did not feel pleased its legs were too short ..the arms and the head did not suit me. It was just not what I wanted…I wanted my OWN BEAR ….MY OWN CREATION. And so I began to draw..erase..and draw..and believe me many pieces of paper landed in the garbage till I finally had my first acceptable OWN PATTERN. The sewing was no problem at all …because I love to sew and it had always been my hobby…but creating my own pattern was quite a challenge for me.

I have always loved the traditional old fashioned bears with the cute cuddely look. So I began creating that type and I got addicted (but believe me its a healthy addiction!!) to making them.

With every bear I make, a piece of my heart goes inside, I love my hobby. Because I will always remember the years I’ve passed in America, I give English names to all my bears.

All of my bears have English names because of my remembrance of those years in the USA. Unfortunately my family is sometimes a bit frustrated because of all the bear material everywhere or is it a bit of jealousy??? Because I dedicate so much time into making my bears ?? Maybe one day they too will understand how helpful a bear is in cheering up a broken heart…or a heart with scars.

Besides sewing bears I also began painting porcelain-pictures.

Maybe you’d like to have a look at my creations in the gallery or visit me at one of the future exhibitions.

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  1. Allerliebst ihre Bären, kann ich nur sagen! Leider kriegte ich als Kind nie einen Bären, 😢obwohl ich mir einen wünschte….. Jetzt zieren unser Bett zwei und in der Mitte ein kleines Schaf! Von meiner Schwiegertochter, Rita Lusti, habe ich gehört, dass sie für ihre Bärli Kleidungsstücke nähen darf! Und durch sie kam ich auf ihre Website & amüsiere mich köstlich! Weiter so… werde mich auch in Zukunft an ihrer weiter werdenden „Gross -Bärenfamilie“ erfreuen! Herzliche Grüsse aus der OS, Judith Dorsch

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