tarnished Spring feelings

Dear Huwibear friends

   Unfortunately at the moment the spring mood is certainly quite tarnished by everyone .. suddenly we have to realize that not everything can be  taken for granted, as one always thought … waking up to a somewhat healthy world in the morning… within seconds everything can change, and we are powerless and helpless. This feeling is responsible for my sadness, which many people certainly feel at the moment. Now it is all the more important that we support each other with a lot of love and help. I wish you all in this way: stay healthy, don’t lose heart. We an only  hope that it will soon return to normal, that we can breathe again and enjoy our life to the fullest. Please take care !!

       At this point I also have to announce, that our exhibition in Lyss will not take place this weekend due to the current situation. Unfortunately, it will only be available again next year. The exhibition in Sigriswil in August will hopefully !! occur. More details will follow … until then we must try to keep our heads up and stay healthy.

       Nevertheless, I am now trying to put all my energy into my beloved hobby. Because this hobby is balm for my soul. Due to that fact that I  now have plenty of time, because I had to cancel my English lessons too, that I teach, newcomers …new born Huwibears will continuously appear on my homepage. Maybe the one or other wins your heart ? Below are the very first bears of the year: 





even a rabbit was born :         

Now I will say goodbye to all of you. My studio is calling me …. all the best to all of you, stay healthy and hopefully  we will see each other  soon.

                                 Corinne Locher and the Huwibears

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